Not all those who wonder…

by Calthorn, 343 days ago


...are lost.   -J.R.R. Tolkien

So it’s been awhile, couple years even – but L`Malla is back in RIFT.  And we’re prepping to raid, and we’d love to see more familiar faces (or new ones) and help you catch up.  It’s a great time to get in on the ground floor.  I’ve been part of running this end game guild for a total active time of well over a decade – we know how to get it done.  Some of our best members were “green” players who decided they wanted to take the journey rather than skip to the end.  Friendships formed in this guild have a tendency to last, with some of mine being 16 years+ in the making.

Ok, I made my pitch, lets get on to what it’s been liking coming back after all this time.  First of all, there’s a lot to discover, with a number of new continents and zones:

I could put up countless screenshots that I took while exploring, but who cares right – ultimately we play to be with friends, make new ones, and kill tough shit together.  Here’s a screenshot of who I saw on a couple weeks ago – and I know there are some missing (Densz – WB!, Vaun/Goat – move it!) so no offense if I missed ya:

It’s good to be with old friends again..

There’s some more fun ways to get caught up.  Here I’m getting down to business in an Instant Adventure – a solid alternative or addition to the normal run-here-do-this way of leveling…

I have seen some odd things while exploring these new continents, for example – what the actual fuck is this?

And about that – killing tough shit with good friends.  Here Rorin and I are, taking out Finric from Hardmode Rhen of Fate.  This is a 2 man event and can give you a glimpse at what raiding in Rift is like if you haven’t been in it lately.

It feels good to be back.  Honestly it took a few weeks to shake off the last bits of rust but eventually things fall into place…

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